Heart Support

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60 Capsules60 Capsules
Product Summary

Specially formulated nutritional supplement to support the heart and blood circulation

Benefits and Indications

  • Supports heart muscle function
  • Supports heart health
  • Supports healthy blood vessels and circulation
  • Helps reduce inflammation


Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients, or if pregnant or breast feeding.
If unsure consult a qualified health care practitioner.

Dosage & Directions

Take 2 capsules with breakfast

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place below 25°C away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep lid tightly closed.

Keep out of reach of children.


Co-Enzyme Q10 50 mg
Forskolin Extract 4:1 20 mg
Niacin 12 mg
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 20 mg
Inositol 100 mg
Cayenne Pepper 100 mg
Magnesium Gluconate 75 mg
Hawthorn Berries extract 100 mg


This food supplement has not been evaluated by the FDA or SAHPRA. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or disease. If you are ill, consult a registered doctor or health care practitioner.

Product Overview


The circulatory system in the human body is one of the primary and most important systems together with the central nervous system and immune system.  The circulatory system consists of the blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries) and the lymphatic vessels.  Arteries carry oxygenated blood from the lungs to the organs and tissues.  They also carry nutrients, hormones, immune system cells and other life giving substances to the cells and organs.  The capillaries supply the organs and cells with blood from the arteries and connect to the veins which carry de-oxygenated blood and carbon dioxide back to the lungs.  Waste material is also transported in the blood vessels to the organs of detoxification and elimination, namely, the liver, kidneys and sweat glands.  The lymphatic vessels carry immune system cells, proteins, toxins, pathogens (germs such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites) and waste material.  The heart is the main pump organ of the circulatory system assisted by the muscles which help the arteries to carry blood to the organs and tissues.  The blood vessels cover the entire body, consisting of kilometres of large and small and very small vessels.  These vessels can be damaged by poor diet, fried food, sugar, oxidized fat, foreign chemicals, smoking, drugs, pharmaceuticals, excess cholesterol and triglycerides, acids (e.g. uric acid), germs, high blood pressure, stress hormones and free radicals from the body’s own metabolism and from the environment, such as pollution.


Xtreme’s Heart & Circulation Support Capsules contain Co-Enzyme Q10, forskolin extract 4:1, niacin, vitamin B1 (thiamine), inositol, cayenne pepper, magnesium gluconate and hawthorn berries extract.  Each of these ingredients have beneficial properties and effects on the circulatory system, namely the heart and blood vessels.  Forskolin is an active compound from the Indian coleus plant roots.  According to research studies, the benefits and functions are as follows:

Co-Enzyme Q10:  This is a unique and crucial anti-oxidant enzyme which is also a highly efficient electron transporter in production of energy (ATP) inside the mitochondria of all cells.  Co-Enzyme Q10 has multiple functions.

Forskolin extract:  Boosts cyclic AMP, opens the blood vessels and lung bronchial tubes, enhances heart function and can thin the blood.  It is present in very small amounts in this product.  Forskolin can stimulate the release of stored fat from fat cells, help increase bone mineral density and stimulate testosterone production.

Niacin (Vitamin B3):  Essential vitamin.  Part of B group of vitamins.  Essential for food metabolism and release of cellular energy, oxygen transport in blood and formation of nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) and fatty acids.  Necessary for multiple metabolic functions such as carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism and promotes healthy circulation and production of sex hormones.  Supports the nervous system and intestines.  Helps balance sugar and cholesterol levels, promotes healthy skin, good memory, healthy brain function and may help for headaches and vertigo.

Thiamine (Vitamin B1):  Essential Vitamin.  Part of the Vitamin B Complex group.  Essential for production of energy from food, especially glucose and plays a vital role in food metabolism.  Necessary for healthy brain and nervous system function, helps body to make use of protein and necessary for stomach acid formation (hydrochloric acid).  Helps improve circulation and blood formation.  Is an anti-oxidant and works well with other B vitamins, magnesium and manganese.

Inositol: Essential nutrient.  Necessary for cell growth, brain development, spinal cord and nerve sheath formation.  Helps balance blood cholesterol levels and maintains healthy hair.  Has a mild tranquilising effect.

Cayenne Pepper:  A medicinal spice containing capsaicin which has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties, promotes blood flow, thins the blood, reduces pain, increases fat burning and helps combat certain cancers like lung, liver and prostate in animal studies.

Magnesium:  Relaxes and opens blood vessels, essential for muscle contraction and relaxation.  Helps reduce high blood pressure.  Necessary for energy production and healthy bones and nerve conduction.

Hawthorn Berries extract:  A medicinal herb rich in polyphenol anti-oxidants.  Used to treat heart failure.  May help with the following:  reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, reduce blood fats, aid digestion and reduce anxiety.


Take 1 capsule morning and evening with food.  May cause a FLUSH.  This is due to the blood vessels dilating and not an allergy unless one is sensitive to any of the ingredients.