Weight Loss  – A Multiple Challenge Problem
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Weight Loss – A Multiple Challenge Problem

Most of the world’s millions of individuals who are overweight and who have difficulty in losing weight, will tell you that it is a multiple problem, problem.  When one is trying to lose a number of excess kilograms (or pounds) of weight, they are faced with many challenges.  For example, they are fighting against their genetics (inherited obesity genes from parents or grandparents), difficulty in purchasing the right food and eating correctly, having to exercise, get enough sleep, battle with medical disorders (and medication in some cases), cope with a hectic lifestyle, raising children or a demanding job and, to top it all, having to survive the COVID-19 virus infection pandemic.  No wonder they have difficulty in losing weight!

There is no quick or simple solution and no “magic bullet” for the majority of individuals.  No one product has all the answers, however, there are certain unique products on the market which can make a big difference, or help to accelerate and facilitate the process of fat loss.  Before choosing a product, knowing that there are literally hundreds of different weight-loss supplements on the market, it is important to have had a full medical work up and blood chemistry lab tests to determine if you have a medical disorder (e.g. under active thyroid gland, insulin resistance, diabetes, excess cortisol, bowel, kidney or heart disorder, etcetera).

Try and choose a product that addresses or assists with sugar, insulin and leptin problems or imbalances, and not simply an appetite suppressant or ‘fat burner’ (usually a promoter of thermogenesis).  One has to keep sugar, insulin and leptin blood levels in the body balanced, that is, not too high, not too low.  Excess sugar is converted to fat.  Too much insulin creates fat formation and inflammation.  Excess leptin (a hormone), is responsible for controlling the storage of fat in the body.

EXTREME HEALTH.CO.ZA has formulated a unique, special blend of natural plant extracts and nutrients to assist with sugar, insulin and fat storage balance in the body, helping to promote healthy weight loss.  Ingredients include Milk Thistle extract, Dandelion extract, Grapeseed extract, chromium polynicotinate, alpha lipoic acid, Berberine extract and N-acetyl-L-carnitine.  No weight loss programme is truly effective and long lasting without an appropriate low-calorie high nutrient content diet as well as a cardiovascular plus resistance training (exercise + weights training), programme.

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