Vitamin C – High in Demand - So Why Do We Need It?
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Vitamin C – High in Demand - So Why Do We Need It?

Everyone knows that Vitamin C is good for a cold or flu, but why is it really good for you and why in such demand worldwide?

The reality is that vitamin C or ascorbic acid is one of the most important vitamins in our diet and necessary for a multitude of functions in our body.  Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin which is not stored in our body and we cannot manufacture it in our cells.  It is a very effective anti-oxidant which travels in the blood stream mopping up billions of free radicals which oxidize and destroy healthy cells and membranes in the body.

Most animals can manufacture vitamin C internally, but humans cannot, therefore it is essential to come from our diet and food supplements.  The problem with our diet is that most of our fruit and vegetables contain very low levels of vitamin C due to depleted soil, crop spraying, chemicals and preservatives and long storage.

The human body also needs more vitamin C than what is recommended as the Recommended Daily Allowance (usually 60mg- 100mg per day).  Different cells and organs require different amounts of vitamin C and individuals absorb and utilize different amounts per day, called “inter-individual variation”.  Therefore, there is NO SUCH THING as “one size fits all” when it comes to nutritional requirements, this is a myth.

Vitamin C has some of the following functions in the body:

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Helps combat stress and supports the adrenal glands
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Necessary for the formation of collagen in your skin, blood vessels, connective tissues and for healthy joints 
  • Anti-inflammation properties
  • Detoxification properties (especially heavy metals like mercury and lead)
  • Anti-cancer properties in very high doses intravenously, under medical supervision

Obviously with the COVID-19 virus infection pandemic globally, it is extremely important to maintain a strong immune system and consume a healthy diet with nutritional supplements, which support the immune system, such as vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, selenium and omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Higher doses than normal are recommended for children and adults with doses between 1000mg and 4-6000mg per day.  Make sure you drink plenty of mineral water with your vitamin C and take it at least 2 to 3 times per day.  Before taking high doses, check with your Healthcare Practitioner, some individuals may experience stomach ache or diarrhea if they take too much at once.

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