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Biography: Dr Steven Gunn



Medical Doctor, Integrative Medicine Consultant, Author, Inventor, Entrepreneur


Dr Steven Gunn is one of the pioneers in Integrative Medicine in South Africa and has more than 20 years of experience and has treated more than 50 000 patients, as a registered medical practitioner and integrative medicine physician in South Africa, with 2 years international experience in accident and emergency medicine and orthopaedic surgery in London and the UK. He has studied in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany and Latvia EU. He worked in 9 hospitals in London and England, UK; Queen Alexandra, Hammersmith, Wrexham, Manor House, Heatherwood, Royal Surrey County, Carshalton, St Bartholomews (Barts), and Maidstone General Hospital.

He holds a BSc Science degree in Clinical Psychology and Microbiology from the University of Natal and a MBChB Medical Degree from the University of Pretoria with additional qualifications in Accident and Emergency Medicine, Cancer Viro-Immunotherapy, and Integrative Medicine, having studied multiple health disciplines such as clinical nutrition, homotoxicology, herbology, epigenetics, nutrigenomics, energy-frequency medicine, traditional herbal medicines, emotional intelligence, psycho-neuroimmunology, orthomolecular medicine, alternative cancer therapies, human performance enhancement and anti-ageing medicine.

Dr Gunn has been enormously influenced by two of his great mentors and very good friends, Prof. Willem Serfontein and Mr Frikkie Van Kraaienberg, who are recognised as masters of progressive, advanced thinking and experience in their fields of chemical pathology, clinical nutrition, mind development and natural medicine, respectively.

Dr Gunn has held numerous posts and positions in the past including, senior part time lecturer in medical pathology at the University of Durban – Westville, medical officer for the 5 star Palazzo Hotel and the Sun City Complex, lecturer and trainer in corporate wellness and productivity for MTN (SA), the medical officer for the Miss World Pageant (2001), nutritional consultant for USN (SA) and medical doctor or advisor for numerous local and international mining companies and diverse corporations. He has also been interviewed on television, radio and printed media and has a wide following on the internet with his medical posts and expert educational information.

As an inventor and entrepreneur Dr Gunn has a number of patents and has co-developed a number of unique products, two World Firsts and one First in South Africa product. He was the first doctor in South Africa to be trained in Viro-Immunotherapy for cancer treatment, in Latvia, EU.

He is currently the founder and owner of LifeXMed (Pty) Ltd, a medical company, as well as a founder and co-owner of Xtreme Health (Pty) Ltd, an online nutritional supplements company. He is in private clinical practice in Pretoria in association with Critical Care Specialists SA with patients from South Africa, Africa and internationally.

Dr Gunn has a special interest in preventative medicine, integrative medicine, anti-ageing medicine, cancer treatment, enhancement of mental and physical performance, nutrition, innovative technology and extension of life with quality.